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5 Steps to Succeed

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5 Steps to Succeed With Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by Mark Matney of Matney Law PLLC Newport News VA

Did you set financial goals for the New Year? As we approach the end of the first quarter of 2020 are you on track? Many people use the change of year to start something new. Unfortunately, few follow through. Think of all the new gym memberships and budgets that end up unused as January rolls into February. Here are 5 steps to success:
1. Choose Reasonable Goals: The best first step to accomplishing a new goal is to set a target you can reach within a reasonable period of time. If you are in debt, tackle the smallest one first. If you are starting or building your retirement savings, then set a monthly goal. Setting up an automatic investment plan is a worry-free way to keep you on track.

2. Write Your Goals Down: When you write down what you want to accomplish, you are 200% more likely to achieve it. When it is just a thought, then it is only a wish. Working with a financial coach will help you identify how much money is needed to reach your goals. A good coach will make sure you account for inflation and estimated rates of return.

3. Don’t Judge Yourself Too Severely. There will be ups and downs as you work toward your goal, don’t be discouraged. Maybe you had to use all of your emergency fund savings. Be excited that you had the money available and recommit to your original plan.

4. Focus On How You Will Feel When You Succeed. How will you feel when you become debt free, fully fund your emergency savings, or save enough to have the option to stop working? Imagine crossing the finish line! It will be 100 times better than you think!

5. Reward Yourself Along The Way. Did you pay off your first debt, finish building your emergency account, achieve a milestone in your retirement savings? Congratulate yourself and share with others what you achieved. You will be amazed how you can encourage others.

Mark Matney is a financial and legal services professional who helps families and businesses throughout Hampton Roads to get their money working for them so they can worry less about money and enjoy their lives more. Call him for a free consultation at 757-784-3507.

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Widespread Problems with Breath Tests

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Widespread Problems With Breath Tests

Posted by Mark Matney of Matney Law PLLC Newport News VA

Post by Matney Law PLLC, Newport News, Virginia...  Great article about breath testing.  Raises good issues regarding Virginia's presumption of reliability of the machines.  I participated in a breath science class led by John Fusco, who is quoted in this article.  New York times " We investigated widespread problems with breath tests for suspected drunk driving - and found that the closely guarded machines have helped convict thousands of Americans of a crime they may not have committed.  Here's what we found."

A million Americans a year are arrested for drunken driving, and most stops begin the same way: flashing blue lights in the rearview mirror, then a battery of tests that might include standing on one foot or reciting the alphabet.

What matters most, though, happens next. By the side of the road or at the police station, the drivers blow into a miniature science lab that estimates the concentration of alcohol in their blood. If the level is 0.08 or higher, they are all but certain to be convicted of a crime.

But those tests — a bedrock of the criminal justice system — are often unreliable, a New York Times investigation found. The devices, found in virtually every police station in America, generate skewed results with alarming frequency, even though they are marketed as precise to the third decimal place.

Judges in Massachusetts and New Jersey have thrown out more than 30,000 breath tests in the past 12 months alone, largely because of human errors and lax governmental oversight. Across the country, thousands of other tests also have been invalidated in recent years.

The machines are sensitive scientific instruments, and in many cases they haven’t been properly calibrated, yielding results that were at times 40 percent too high. Maintaining machines is up to police departments that sometimes have shoddy standards and lack expertise. In some cities, lab officials have used stale or home-brewed chemical solutions that warped results. In Massachusetts, officers used a machine with rats nesting inside.

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Leniency for Suspended License Cases

DUI Attorney Mark Matney - Matney Law PLLC - Newport News - Williamsburg

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Leniency for Suspended License Cases
Revoked or Suspended License Defense Attorney
Posted by Mark Matney of Matney Law PLLC Newport News VA


The new Virginia law making it easier for people to reinstate their driving privileges is resulting in increased leniency for people charged with driving while their license is suspended. This morning as I waited my turn, the judge granted a continuance to every person who requested more time to reinstate his or her license. The benefit of this is that when someone obtains a valid license before the final hearing it is typical for judges to amend the charge to a less serious offense.

For example, a client in one recent case reinstated his license before the initial court date and the judge amended the charge from a Class 1 Misdemeanor, which would have resulted in a mandatory additional license suspension of 90 days, to a Class 2 Misdemeanor with no license suspension and only a $50 fine.

Notably, in a similar case in a different local city, the judge amended the Class 1 Misdemeanor of driving with a suspended license to the traffic infraction of Driving Without a License in Possession. This avoided a misdemeanor conviction and a license suspension.

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DUI Not Guilty & Dismissal

Lawyer Mark Matney of Matney Law PLLC - Newport News Virginia - DUI and Traffic Court Lawyer

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DUI Not Guilty & Dismissal

Posted by Mark Matney of Matney Law PLLC Newport News VA

During the past month, I achieved two DUI Not Guilty & Dismissal case results. During this time I also helped other clients by negotiating the amendment of a DUI to reckless driving, the dismissal of other charges, the avoidance or reduction of jail, and other positive sentencing outcomes.  Mark Matney Avvo Reviews...

Avvo Client's Choice Award 2018 - Matney Law PLLC - Hampton Roads area of Virginia

The Dismissal

The dismissal by nolle pros was exciting for my client, but it was not extraordinary. By showing up ready for trial, I was able to take advantage of a difficulty with the prosecution’s evidence. This resulted in the prosecutor asking the judge to dismiss the case with the hope that he can possibly obtain the necessary evidence in the future.

lawyer Mark Matney has a top 10 AVVO rating for 2018

Not Guilty Decision

The not guilty decision was exhilarating. DUI trials are hard fought, with most of my clients presumed to be under the influence as soon as we walk into the courtroom. In this case, I argued a legal issue to challenge the admissibility of the breath certificate and the judge agreed to exclude the breath certificate with my client’s blood alcohol level. This decision removed the presumption that my client was under the influence and left both sides to argue about the field sobriety tests. After the officer described what he remembered happening, I asked him clarifying questions and gave him the opportunity to explain how poorly he thought my client performed on the tests. The problem for the prosecution was that I then played the officer’s video of my client’s field sobriety tests and the judge was able to see that my client did not make the errors that the officer described. With the breath certificate excluded and the video demonstrating that my client did well on the field tests, the judge disregarded the officer’s testimony and found my client not guilty of driving under the influence (DUI).

DUI Attorney Mark Matney - Matney Law PLLC - Newport News - Williamsburg

Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)

Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)

General Information, State Directory
Phone: 804-786-5895

Chesapeake Bay ASAP
868North Newtown Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Serving: Accomac, Northampton, Norfolk, and Virginia Beach

Peninsula ASAP
216 Village Parkway
Newport News, VA 23601
Serving: Charles City County, Hampton, James City County,Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg, and York County

Southeastern Virginia ASAP
Portsmouth location:
Washington Street,
Suite 710
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Suffolk location:
140 West Washington Street,
Suite 104
Suffolk, VA 23434
Serving: Chesapeake, Franklin, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth,Smithfield, Southampton and Suffolk

Driver Improvement & RADEP Courses

Driver Improvement Courses

Budget Driver Improvement
(757) 969-1096
Multiple locations

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
Computer based driver improvement clinics


RADEP Providers (Reckless and Aggressive Driver Education Program)

A.  A&AAA Be Better Drivers, 804-748-2851, This class includes both the standard 8 hour driver improvement program and additional hours for the reckless and aggressive driving program.

B.  In the alternative, you may complete any standard 8 hour driver improvement course and then complete a separate 4 or 6 hour reckless and aggressive driving course with one of the following providers:

  1. All Wise Driving School, Richmond, Tel. 804-218-7350,
  2. Capital Area ASAP, 4915 Augusta Avenue, Richmond, VA 23230, tel 804-367-6090.
  3. John Tyler ASAP, 4211 Old Hundred Road, Chester, VA 23831, tel 804-796-4281,
  4. Online class:  Virginia does not offer an online version.  You will need to select a Level 2 case such as the one offered for Washington State.




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Counseling and Substance Abuse Treatment

The Lawyers at Matney Law PLLC – counseling and substance abuse treatment information. The Matney Law firm defends people against reckless driving, speeding, expired license, running a red light, DUI, DWI, driving without license, passing a stopped school bus. Our attorneys serve Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, Gloucester, Surry, Toano.

Recovery for Life – Dr. Paul Hardy
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Referral Attorneys

Referral Attorneys

The Lawyers at Matney Law PLLC – Referral Attorneys Information. The Matney Law firm defends people against reckless driving, speeding, expired license, running a red light, DUI, DWI, driving without license, passing a stopped school bus. Our attorneys serve Williamsburg, Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, Gloucester, Surry, Toano.

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Ignition Interlock Providers

Ignition Interlock Providers

If you are required to have an ignition interlock machine installed due to a DUI conviction, you will need to contact one of these providers.  You must complete six months without any violations in order to have the ignition interlock removed from your vehicle.

Alcolock VA

(877) 859-4782


(866) 202-3381

Draeger, Inc.

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Smart Start, Inc.

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(804) 381-4774