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Driver Improvement Courses

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RADEP Providers (Reckless and Aggressive Driver Education Program)

This program requires both the standard 8 hour driver improvement course and a separate 4 or 6 hour RADEP course.  Some RADEP providers require you to take both classes with them, but others allow you to take any 8 hour class and then complete their RADEP class.  Contact the provider before you begin a class.

  1. A&AAA Be Better Drivers, 804-748-2851, bebetterdrivers.com.
  2. All Wise Driving School, Richmond, Tel. 804-218-7350, http://www.allwise-drivingschool.com
  3. AcciDon’t Driver Training Solutions LLC, Damon Hogan, Tel 757-235-4994, info@ineedaclass.com, website: www.varadep.com.  The primary location is 138 S. Rosemont Road, 2nd floor suite #203, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.  They also offer classes at other locations in Hampton Roads.
  4. Online class: https://ntsi.com/our-services/court-diversion/aggressive-driving/.  Virginia does not offer an online version of RADEP.  Washington State’s Level 2 class is a RADEP equivalent.