• Ignition Interlock Providers

Ignition Interlock Providers

If you are required to have an ignition interlock machine installed due to a DUI conviction, Matney Law PLLC of Newport News Virginia has put together a list of approved providers.   You must complete six months without any violations in order to have the ignition interlock removed from your vehicle.

Alcolock VA
Website: www.alcolockva.com
Phone: (877) 859-4782

Website: www.lifesafer.com
Phone: (866) 202-3381

Draeger, Inc.
Website: www.draeger.com/en-us_us/Ignition-Interlock
Phone: (800) 332-6858

Smart Start, Inc.
Website: www.smartstartinc.com
Phone: (800) 880-3394

Website: www.intoxalock.com/virginia
Phone: (804) 381-4774

Carlton's Auto Service
116 Taswell Avenue
Colonial Heights, VA 23834
Phone: 804-520-9111
Website: carltonsautoservice.com