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Avoid DMV Demerit Points

DMV Demerit Points Can you avoid DMV Demerit Points? Today in Hampton I helped two clients charged with speeding achieve amendments to defective equipment.  Both avoided 4 DMV demerit points.  [May 1, 2018, Mark Matney]. Click Here to Contact Matney Law Call 757-784-3507 Handling a wide array of traffic violation cases Matney Law PLLC of Newport […]

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What’s the Point? DMV Demerit Points

DMV Demerit Points The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) uses a point system to monitor Virginia drivers. The DMV assigns demerit points for driving convictions and rewards safe driving and driver improvement courses with positive points. A new Virginia driver begins with 0 points. This applies to both first time drivers and drivers who […]

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Today in Newport News

Today in Newport News Today in Newport News…   Matney Law helped four clients accomplish their goals in Newport News courts. The first client was charged with driving on a suspended license, 2nd offense. He needed more time to reinstate his license before his final hearing and the judge granted him a continuance. Two of […]

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DWI Amended to Reckless Driving

DWI Amended to Reckless Driving Today I was glad to help a client achieve an amendment from DWI 1st offense to Reckless Driving General.  This result avoided the DWI label while also helping the client avoid the ignition interlock and reduce the period of license suspension from 12 months to 6 months. Each case involves its […]

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An Unusual Anniversary

An Unusual Anniversary May 3, 2017 Today is the one year anniversary of the day one of my clients was charged with driving with a suspended license for at least the 4th time. It is also the date that the charge was amended to a lesser offense that avoided a mandatory minimum ten day jail […]

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Charged with Failure to Yield Right-of-Way?

Charged with Failure to Yield Right-of- Way (§ 46.2-863)?  Mr. Mark Matney  Tuesday, 19 July 2016    Uncategorized The specific language of Virginia Code Section 46.2-863, Failure to Yield Right-of- Way, must be examined when defending against this charge. If the location is not governed by a “Yield Right-of- Way” sign, then to achieve a […]

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