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Monday Morning Money Minute

Posted by Mark Matney of Holcomb Law, PC Newport News, VA

Monday Morning Money Minute

Budget is not a 4 letter word! Maybe 10% of us are so disciplined that we don’t need a budget and perhaps 10% have enough income to spend what they want. Everyone else needs a budget. It doesn’t seem like it at first, but a budget frees you to spend money. What?! Once you know your income and expenses, you can allocate money for recreation without worrying. In a nutshell, the steps for a budget are: Determine your total monthly income and expenses, subtract your expenses from your income, assign your income dollars to your expenses, and keep track. You may find that you need to increase your income or cut your expenses to achieve a balanced budget. A book like Your Money or Your Life can help you focus your money on what is really important to you.