• How Are DMV Demerit Points Calculated?

DMV Demerit Points

Ever wondered about how driving demerit points are calculated?  Mark Matney of Holcomb Law, PC explains everything in his video about how Demerit Points are calculated.  See below personal examples of three speeding tickets in one year and the importance of fighting each one in order to minimize DMV demerit points.

1) Speeding up to 9 mph over the limit is a 3 point violation, 10-19 mph over the limit is a 4 point violation, and speeding 20 mph and over is a 6 point violation.

2) DMV assigns the same number of demerit points to a speeding ticket of 20 mph or more over the speed limit as it does to reckless driving.

3) If the court amends a reckless driving by speed charge to a speeding ticket but does not lower the speed, then the DMV will still apply the same number of demerit points as reckless driving.

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