An Unusual Anniversary

Posted by Mark Matney of Holcomb Law, PC Newport News VA

May 3, 2017
Today is the one year anniversary of the day one of my clients was charged with driving with a suspended license for at least the 4th time. It is also the date that the charge was amended to a lesser offense that avoided a mandatory minimum ten day jail sentence and 90 days license suspension.

My client and I had to work together to accomplish this result. It required three court appearances along the way. Each time we showed the judge the progress he made and the remaining steps for him to be relicensed. The client did not give up, but kept working on paying fines, setting up payment plans, taking classes, and obtaining restricted licenses.

We are often able to continue this type of case to help someone have more time to regain his license before the final court hearing, but both the number of continuances and the length of time were extraordinary in this case.
The final result of the lesser charge and the avoidance of jail and a new suspension made this long process worthwhile.