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If you are looking for a Hampton Virginia DUI Defense Lawyer then please consider Attorney Mark Matney - Holcomb Law, PC.  Attorney Mark Matney is ready to help you defend against the charge of DUI / DWI in the Hampton courts. I will guide you through the process so that you will know what to expect in each phase of your case.  Attorney Mark Matney  defends clients who were charged with reckless driving, DUI / DWI, speeding tickets, driving with a suspended license, driving without a license, hit-and-run, and other serious traffic charges. 

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Case Results - Attorney Mark Matney - Holcomb Law, PC - Newport News - DUI Defense Lawyer
DUI Defense Lawyer - Matney Law defends people in traffic court - Newport News VA
Attorney Mark Matney - Holcomb Law, PC
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Amazing Representation

I hired Mr. Matney to represent me in court for a Reckless Driving charge. I was going 95 in a 65. The other five lawyers who I spoke to all essentially stopped listening to me after they heard my speed and were all but certain I was going to jail. Mr. Matney heard me out, and shot very straight saying there was a possibility I could go to jail, but there was also a chance I could avoid jail if I followed his plan. Mr. Matney gave me a clear plan of what to do and how we would defend my case. With Mr. Matney help, I was able to get my charged reduced a simple speeding, for 79 in a 65. I paid a $100 fine and did not have to go to jail. This was the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend Mr. Matney and his legal services.


Mark Matthey was an awesome attorney
5.0 stars

Posted by Hannah
February 16, 2022
I had a reckless driving charge. Mark told me exactly what I needed to do and got my charged changed to a defective speedometer with no points on my license. I'd recommend him to anyone


Excellent, Highly Recommended!
5.0 stars

Posted by anonymous
January 31, 2022
Mr. Matney worked with me, the public attorney, plaintiff, and judge to find a resolution that was not only reasonable but actually solved issues and concerns from both parties. The outcome was just as expected in terms of achieving desired goals from both parties. I highly recommend Mr. Matney as an attorney at law to anyone with Speeding and traffic ticket, DUI and DWI, Criminal defense cases.



James DePasquale,
Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer. Mark Matney is a great attorney. When a family member of mine caught a reckless driving ticket in Virginia Mark was referred to us by a family friend. Mark did a great job helping my relative and in the end there was a great result. He is a wonderful person and a man of faith. He is hands down the best traffic/DUI attorney in the area. He knows the law and he knows the system. I would recommend no one else in Hampton Roads for a driving matter. I fully endorse Mark Matney.

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Hampton Virginia DUI - DWI Defense Strategy 

Your case will begin in the Hampton General District Court. The initial court date will be for your arraignment. This is simply the day when the judge ensures that you understand the charge brought by the police officer and advises you that you have a right to represent yourself or to have the assistance of a lawyer. The right to a lawyer attaches to your case because DUI, like any class 1 misdemeanor, involves the possibility of a jail sentence. When you tell the judge that you want a lawyer, the judge will schedule a check attorney date about two weeks later. If you hire a lawyer before the initial court appearance or before the check attorney date, then your lawyer will contact the court’s clerk to schedule a trial date and you will not have to appear in court again until the trial date.

My preparation strategy is based on the idea of “no stone left unturned.” I will obtain information about your case from three sources:

(1) The Hampton Commonwealth Attorney’s (CA) office will provide me with access to your file so that I can read the officer’s notes and any additional documents that have been provided to the assigned prosecutor. The prosecutor will also give me access to the police officer’s body camera videos. I will provide you with my notes from the file and video reviews.

(2) If you took a breath test, my staff will download the Department of Forensic Science (DFS) report with details about the breath machine and the specifics of your breath test. If you submitted a blood sample, then DFS will provide a certificate with the BAC (blood alcohol concentration). You will also have the right to an independent analysis of your blood sample.

(3) I will ask you to complete a questionnaire. This document provides me with your memory of the events related to the arrest. It is also a tool for you to inform me of any medical issues that could have affected your appearance, field testing or breath testing.

The Hampton General District Court is located at 236 North King Street, Hampton, Virginia. The clerk’s office is situated on the second floor of the court building. The traffic division number is 757-727-6260. The three judges of the Hampton General District Court are judges Stellute-Glenn, Henderson-Stith and Smith. They rotate courtrooms each month so that no judge sits in the same courtroom two months in a row.
DUI hearings in the Hampton General District Court are held in courtoom B.

Mark R. Matney