Local Counsel for Federal Civil Cases

Mr. Matney has served as local counsel for Federal Civil Cases is an allied attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, a network of Christian lawyers.  In this role he has helped out of state law firms with their representation of Virginia clients in cases involving election law, religious freedom, and free speech.


Civil Cases

  1. Herb Lux v. Virginia State Board of Elections, USDC – Richmond, 3:10-cv-482, 2010 to 2012

Local counsel for The Bopp Law Firm. Challenged Virginia election law on behalf of Tea Party candidate for congress. The Virginia Code was amended as a result of this case.

2. Christian Rights Ministries v. City of Chesapeake, USDC – Norfolk, 2:08-cv-154

Local counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. A ministry was asked to remove their cross from their booth at the end of a parade. The City defended by claiming that there was a safety issue. The case settled.

3.  U.S. v. William Danielczyk, USDC – Alexandria, 1:11-cr-85 (JCC)

Local counsel for The Bopp Law Firm. Assisted with filing amicus curiae brief on behalf of The James Madison Center for Free Speech re: campaign contributions by corporations as free speech.