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Guilty of Reckless Driving

Reckless Driving
Posted by Mark Matney of Matney Law PLLC Newport News VA

Mark, why are you writing about someone who was found guilty of reckless driving? To warn you not to make matters worse when you see police lights!

My client was charged with reckless driving by speed at a speed where judges will often amend the charge from reckless driving to speeding. However, instead of stopping immediately for the state trooper, my client just kept driving. The trooper testified that he activated his lights for ¾ mile but my client kept driving, that he then activated his siren, but my client kept driving, that she stopped for a red light, but took off again when the light turned green, and that she then continued driving despite lights and sirens. Finally, my client stopped suddenly in the left lane. The trooper graciously refrained from charging my client with evading / eluding police or from arresting her at the scene and instead issued her a summons for Reckless Driving by speed. However, the judge was not impressed when my client had no explanation for the failure to respond to the trooper’s emergency equipment and refused to amend the charge from reckless driving.

If you see police lights, then you are required to yield. Move promptly to the right lane or shoulder to permit the police to pass you. If you realize the police lights are for you, then pull off of the road as soon as possible. You may proceed to a safe place to pull over if there is no shoulder or no light, but do it quickly and do not pass reasonable places to pull over.

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